Want to take the best pictures of tonight's fireworks displays?  Check out some of these helpful tips from Digital-Photography-School.com and have the best gallery on Facebook!

Use a Tripod.

This is an extremely important detail to make sure you get good pictures. If you hand or arm shakes even a little bit, it will result in colorful blobs instead of crisp fireworks.


Frame Your Shot.

Be sure to find a good open space for your pictures. You don't want buildings or trees or people blocking part of the display.

tURN off your Flash.

The flash on your camera doesn't each more than a few yards away, so it's pretty useless for fireworks that are (hopefully) further away than that.  If anything, you'll end up highlighting things in the foreground (like other people) that will detract from your picture.


watch out for smoke.

Make sure you are ready to take pictures of the first fireworks. If there isn’t much wind, you are going to end up with a lot of smoke in your shot. The first explosions are usually the sharpest ones.


take lots of pictures. lots and lots.

The timing of fireworks can be tricky and hard to get just right. Make sure you have a fresh memory card so you can take lots of pictures, and take the time afterwards to weed out the bad ones and keep the gems.


Hopefully these tips will help you take the best fireworks pictures! Any other good tips or tricks? Leave your comments (and pictures) below!