We've warned you already that it's that time of year here in the Garden State that the skunks are gettin' it on.

Late February and early march here in New Jersey are a skunk's prime mating season. We've said it before & we'll say it again.... pay attention to your dogs. This is definitely the time of year they're most likely to get sprayed.

Sure, you can't exactly blame the skunk for following its instinct, but for you as a dog owner, that smell won't be pretty.

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You're not likely to see a skunk out and about during the day. They're nocturnal, so they usually only come out at night. Sill, what should you do if your pet gets sprayed?

Social media's great, isn't it? You might disagree, but sometimes you really can find some pretty useful tips and tricks on platforms like TikTok and Facebook. A recent Facebook post provides the perfect solution for dog owners that have to clean up the stench left behind by skunk that sprayed their pup.

It claims that all you need is baking soda with either shampoo or dish soap. Here's the kicker, though, and PAY ATTENTION! This is the ULTIMATE pro-tip:


No, seriously... make a paste with the baking soda and soap and rub it into your dog's fur, but don't mix it with water. Apparently, the key is to let it sit. You're going to want to leave it on for about 30 minutes. Then, you can complete the bath.

Tis the season for skunk sprays, so any advice is worth giving a try, right? Check out the flyer below:

Source: Facebook

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