This past weekend I was introduced to Danielle DiGiovanni.  She is a Toms River resident who is desperately trying to find her dog

About a month ago, her 2-year-old pitbull named "Jeter", got out of the backyard, and about three houses down was found by neighborhood kids.

A mature couple in a white SUV drove by and asked the kids "Is that your dog"?...The kids said "no," and that they found him. The couple told the kids that they have dogs like him (Jeter) and will keep him until he is claimed.

Jeter hanging at Tices
Jeter hanging at Tices

You can read the full story here..

That was the last time "Jeter" has been seen. The couple have not come forward. No one knows where they are from, and Danielle and her family are extremely heartbroken. They just want their puppy back.

Jeter is a white pitbull with blue eyes and a brown spot on his back. He was last seen on July 28th at the corner of South St. and Holly Village Lane in Toms River.

DiGiovanni says, ‘He’s sweet, friendly, and I know he is easy to fall in love with but [he's] my baby. I just want him home.’

There is a $2500 reward for the return of Jeter.

A "Bring Jeter Home" Facebook Page has been set up if anyone has any information on the whereabouts of Jeter. You can also call or text Danielle DiGiovanni at (732) 642-3987


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