Former Yankees greats Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez appeared on CNBC recently to promote a great charity event that they were working on, or so they thought... Right from the start, the interview was awkward.  

CNBC’s Bob Pisani decided to go a little rogue and bring up how A-Rod and Jeter's relationship hasn't always been the best, which the two managed to brush off pretty well. The next topic on Pisani's rundown? A-Rod's new relationship with J-Lo. Again, awkward!

And the third bit of awkwardness? Pisani wanted to know if Jeter was indeed interested in buying the Marlins. Jeter expertly backed Pisani off with a brush-back pitch. Those weren't the only awkward moments, but those are just the highlights.

It seems like Pisani just had a list of awkward questions for Jeter and A-Rod, and his only follow-up plans were to just take a big poo on every answer. They manage to roll with it well, but they definitely exchange a few "what the hell is going on?!" glances throughout the interview!

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