As I try to grasp all that's happened in the past couple of days due to the hurricane, I can't stop thinking about the brave men and women who are there in times of disasters like this.

While most of us understandably seek shelter and safety when a huge storm like Sandy hits, there are many, many people who do just the opposite--they literally go into the danger head-on to rescue others, putting their own lives on the line.

Words cannot express how I feel about such people. As I write this, I'm honestly getting chills up and down my entire body.

The gratefulness I have knowing that such people exist in this difficult and often cruel world make me feel humble and deeply touched.

Thank you so much to the police, firemen, EMT's, and all first responders, who are there when we need you!

You are all heroes.

Have you ever been assisted by a rescue worker?

Do you know anyone who does this kind of work or do you yourself put your life on the line in your job to help others?



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