Schools are about to open in the Garden State. Although, not a normal situation, students of all ages will be able to rejoin their friends and teachers.

There is a sense of excitement, but also a level of concern as Covid19 and the Delta variant is still a risk.

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A few New Jersey schools were forced to switch back to virtual learning after positive covid19 tests.

On the other hand, Governor Murphy announced the state will provide free masks to staff and children as needed.

Despite the 100-year pandemic, what continues to be an unfortunate norm, is the lack of appropriate school supplies needed for a successful learning experience.

According to, 96% of teachers purchase school supplies so their students  In fact, most teachers spend $750 a year on supplies.  That just shouldn’t be the case.

Calling Dr. Jackson Avery!

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Grey's Anatomy star Jesse Williams tends to agree.  “Dr. Jackson Avery”, to his fans has teamed up with Subaru to make sure schools’ kindergarten through fifth-grade in the Camden City School district are supplied.

Many may not know that Williams, a Temple University graduate, was a teacher in Philadelphia.

Williams told 6ABC in Philadelphia

"Subaru has donated almost 300,000 science books to schools. It's a really big deal. As a teacher, I know how grateful I would be to get that kind of support. Teachers spend like $700 a year of their own money that they often can't afford. We already know they're underpaid. To give their kids basic supplies? They should not have to be doing that."

The partnership with the Camden-based auto company also includes

Their motto is; "Advancing Equity in Education, One Classroom at a time."

"In their 23 Years in Operation, they have adopted over 250,000 classrooms.  They’ve helped 5.8 million Students and raised $57 million."

via Google Maps
via Google Maps

As the school year for Camden City begins next week on September 7, Katrina McCombs, Superintendent of the Camden City School District is grateful.  These donation efforts will help over 3,000 students in about 100 classrooms.

But now for the science homework...

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