Halloween is going to be weird this year. Governor Murphy said trick-or-treating was cool, but it seems like I keep hearing about more towns banning it on their own. Maybe you're setting up a candy chute to maintain social distance, maybe you're trying to figure out how to incorporate a safety mask into your costume, maybe you're trying to figure out if the mask that came with your costume is acceptable (it is not).

Lots of trunk-or-treats are still going on, as that seems to be one of the safest options in general. I've also seen a lot of businesses holding fun little events for kids, and Wawa added themselves to the list!

In case that Facebook post isn't embedded properly, here's the deal:

All kids wearing a costume on Halloween, Saturday October 31st, get a free Kids Meal coupon and a free Twizzlers!

There doesn't seem to be a set time-frame for it, so whenever you want to dress your kid up in their costume and head to Wawa, you should be all set!

My older daughter is really excited for Halloween this year, so it's a drag that there happens to be a pandemic going on. We've bounced around a few costume ideas, but I'm pretty sure we've made a final decision. We plan to do a quick walk around our neighborhood, and probably make a trip to see my mom and go around her block. I think there's a trunk-or-treat we'll hit up, and maybe Wawa will be included on our route.

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