We have all heard about the "hack" of the gas pipeline here in the U.S. and a temporary shutdown of the pipeline, which may cause price increases and possible shortages, hopefully not the case here in New Jersey.


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So let's zero in on gas here at the Jersey Shore. I have already seen some spots jump up nearly 13 cents a gallon this week alone. Are we heading to four dollars a gallon this month? Personally, I don't fear local gas stations running out of gas here at the Jersey Shore, so does it make a huge difference running to fill up?


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I guess if you fill up now you may save a few cents if gas goes up before the end of the week, but I'm not considering that a crisis yet.....but don't get me wrong I don't wanna see prices continuing to rise.


Shawn Michaels
Shawn Michaels


Let's help each other out by looking at some of the best gas prices currently here at the Jersey Shore and share with each other and save some money at pumps.... Keep in mind these prices may change daily in some cases.



  • Singin 1215 Lakewood Road Toms River $2.97
  • Delta 247 Route 37 Toms River $2.97
  • Eagle 63 E Main St Freehold $3.01
  • Sinclair 670 Atlantic City Blvd Bayville $2.97
  • Wawa 220 Atlantic City Blvd Bayville $2.99
  • Asbury BP 20 Main St Asbury Park $2.93
  • Costco 245 Stafford Park Blvd Manahawkin $2.90
  • Exxon 100 Madison Ave Lakewood $2.99
  • Sunoco 200 Route 37 Lakehurst $2.93
  • Conoco 104 Route 70 Lakehurst $2.93
  • Costco 465 Route 70 Brick $2.87
  • Lukoil 3401 Route 9 N Howell $2.97
  • Gulf 65 Union Ave Manasquan $2.99

If YOU see less expensive prices at the pumps, share with us and help your neighbors save a little money at the pumps


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