It's the only way you can get around the store's new policy.

Last month, all of us in New Jersey were shocked and confused by big signs at Costco gas pumps telling customers we would no longer be able to fill up without a membership starting on July 5th.

The day has arrived.

If you're still confused about how Costco stores can make this change when it had been against the law for so long, you're not alone; luckily, there is a way to get around it.

According to an article, Costco can change its policy because requiring memberships to buy gas is no longer against the law in New Jersey.

So many of us have been loving the break in our wallets that filling up at Costco provides, and are saddened about the news.  On the flip side, a lot of Costco members are excited about the change, hoping it'll cut down on long lines at the pumps.

How can you get gas at New Jersey Costco pumps without a membership?

If you're looking to take advantage of Costco's lower gas prices, but don't want to spend the money to become a member, here's the loophole to get around its new policy.

Per NJ.comCostco non-members can use their gas stations if they pay with a Costco gift card, BUT, gift cards can only be purchased by members.  So if you're really set on filling up at Costco's pumps, your best option is to have a family or friend who's a member grab you a gift card on their next visit.

Sure, it makes things more complicated, but at least there's a solution.

How do you feel about Costco's new members-only gas policy?

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