There seem to be many different things thrown on stage at concerts, whether it's bottles, hats, sunglasses, clothes, or even chunks of mud during Green Day at Woodstock.

In this case, at a Pearl Jam concert Saturday night in Stockholm, it happened to be a fan's shoe.

Normally, the band will put whatever is thrown on stage aside and continue with the show. They may even put on a hat or sunglasses thrown on stage for a song or two and throw them back into the crowd.

But according to Eddie Vedder, he's going to do you one better.

Vedder sits down with a bottle of wine, picks up the no doubt sweaty shoe, pours some wine in it and then drinks the wine from the shoe at the Sweden concert.

We are not sure if this is rock and roll or just gross. It is maybe a bit of both, and the fans seem to have loved it.

Pearl Jam shows are an event, with the band often leaving fans with plenty of memories. But one fan got a memory she'll never forget at a show in Stockholm, Sweden on Saturday night (June 28).

According to Blabbermouth, Eddie Vedder noticed a girl in the crowd holding up a sign asking for the singer to "sign her shoe." Vedder made reference to the sign during the show and then stated, "You picked the wrong guy." But when the crowd started egging him on with a chant of "Sign the shoe! Sign the shoe!," he would shortly reveal why she indeed picked the wrong guy.

He then had the fan toss her shoes onstage and in turn sent pitched them toward the back of the stage, joking that she shouldn't have trust him. But before the shoeless woman could protest, he told her to "Just Breathe" before the band played their song of the same name.

Once the song ended, Vedder retrieved the fan's sneakers. He signed one and had security give it to the girl with a bottle of wine that she proceeded to drink as the crowd cheered her on. Vedder then did the unexpected. He told her, "I'm gonna do you one better. I trust you." He filled her Converse sneaker with wine from a fresh bottle and drank it out of the shoe before tossing it back to her to the cheers of the crowd. Fan filmed video can be seen above.

While wine is often made by people stomping on grapes with their bare feet, we're not sure whether to cheer on Vedder for the stunt or offer a giant "Ewwwwww."

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