The decommissioning of the Nuclear Power Plant is going to take some time, in fact some of it will take decades to be completed.

Yes, the plant is being shutdown but it's not a simple turn off the lights and go home kind of shutdown.

Even though the plant won't be operating anymore, it has to go down in phases so not to risk any safety or health issues.

Thus comes a plan otherwise known at the Post-Shutdown Decommissioning Activities Report, or PSDAR, Exelon has submitted for the Oyster Creek nuclear power plant.

"Prior to or within two years of a plant’s permanent shutdown, its owner must submit this report to the NRC," NRC Spokesman Neil Sheehan said. "The purpose of the PSDAR is to provide the NRC and the public with a general overview of the company’s proposed decommissioning activities.

Since the PSDAR only provides information and is not a federal action, the NRC does not have to approve it. However, as with any report made to the NRC, we review it to determine if it meets our regulatory requirements. We only accept it if the submittal meets the criteria the NRC has established in regulatory guidance documents."

Here's the report Exelon has submitted on how they wish to proceed with the decommissioning of the power plant.

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