While Giants fans like myself have written this off as a lost season, this Sunday featured one moment worth celebrating.

Eli Manning started his 208th consecutive game at quarterback, tying his brother Peyton for 2nd on the All Time list.

Eli made his first career start on November 21, 2004 against the Atlanta Falcons.

eli manning
Harry How/Getty Images

Brett Favre sits atop the list at 297 consecutive starts - Eli will need to play about 5 and a half more seasons to reach that number. With whispers already going around that Eli will be benched so the Giants can get a look at Davis Webb, and a garbage season resulting in a high draft pick with a few good quarterbacks available, it seems unlikely that Manning will reach Favre. Even if he does, it won't be with the Giants.

How's this for a fun frivolous discussion? Sit Eli next week. There would be some nice poetic symmetry to have the Manning brothers share that number. It may be stupid to dance around records like that, but what else is there for the Giants to do this season other than be stupid?

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