Hey, remember when Eli Manning got busted for memorabilia fraud? Well, one of the main pieces of evidence in that lawsuit is up on the auction block.

The helmet worn by Manning in Super Bowl XLII will be auctioned off by Goldin Auctions, where it's expected to pass $130,000.

The story of the fraud goes that a collector purchased what he believed was the game-worn helmet from the Giants' equipment manager. When he saw the Hall of Fame claimed to have the game-worn helmet at the museum, he filed a lawsuit.

In case you don't know why this particular helmet is so sought-after, this was the year that the Giants beat the Patriots to ruin New England's shot at a perfect season. And, because I'm a Giants fan and I'd like to relive one of the best nights of my sporting life, here are some highlights!

Eat it, Patriots.

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