Eli Manning is the defendant in a lawsuit in Bergen County Superior Court, alleging that the quarterback gave non-game-used items to collectors under the guise of being game-used.

The accusations to back to 2010, when Manning's agent told him to put together some equipment that could be sold by companies like Steiner Sports as "authentic game-used" items.

An email was discovered where Manning asked the team equipment manager to find "two helmets that can pass as game used."  Manning's supposed motives were that he simply didn't want to give up the actual items, instead supplying the fake gear that appeared to be game-used.

eli manning
Al Bello/Getty Images

I used to be more interested in sports memorabilia, but I've mostly out-grown it. Sure, I still like to meet celebs, get a picture or an autograph, and if I could get my hands on game-used gear that would be cool. The thing is, I would never pay thousands of bucks for a jersey that Eli Manning wore. If he tossed his jersey into the crowd after a game, that'd be awesome, but to just go on eBay and buy it? Nah. It's the same with autographs for me - I'm not going to pay money for an autographed picture of someone, but if I can hang for a minute with Jerry 'The King' Lawler, talk to him, and have him sign a picture? That's cool.

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