Growing up in an Italian family, food is always a great motivator.  It is also used as a way to gain results.  A tray of homemade lasagna can always to the trick.  Remember the old phrase “the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”?  I think an Italian grandmother may have coined that phrase.  The statement is basically meant to mean that if a woman wants a man to fall head over heels for her, she needs to cook him a great meal.

That traditional plate of gooey, thick fun pasta is the dish of choice the volunteers from Lasagna Love are serving up to people in need.  Specifically, one Toms River family during Covid

19.  Brenda Irwin needed the help when she, her husband, and their three kids were suffering from Covid19.  Lasagna Love prepared the meals and dropped them off at her front door.

Here’s how it works;  A local volunteer is connected with a person or family requesting assistance.

Brenda said she...

“saw someone post about it on Facebook several months ago and thought it was such a wonderful program.  Once we got sick, we couldn’t go to the store. We all were feeling terrible, and I remembered about Lasagna Love.”


Fernando Leon, Getty Images
Fernando Leon, Getty Images

The Irwin family is just one of many at the Jersey Shore who felt the pain of this pandemic.  It’s one thing to have a toilet paper shortage, but to not have an option to put food on the table during a desperate time of need is incredibly freighting.  Hats off to Lasagna Love for doing something so amazing for so many.  Manga!

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