So what would make a naked human willingly submerge themselves in NEGATIVE -292 degree temperatures, for three whole minutes?  I did it and I'll do it again.

You might have seen a Real Housewife in one of these chambers on TV or heard about LeBron James doing cryo after a game but what exactly does deep freezing yourself actually do for you? I'm a fan, I've done it for years and I can tell you first-hand the most important reason to do this is to reduce inflammation. Keep in mind, all diseases and injuries start with being inflamed.  You don't have to have an injury to want to keep inflammation at bay, in fact being proactive about that can keep us healthier than you know. It's why we all started taking fish oils right? Think about it, if you're hurt what's the first thing your mama tells you to do? Put ice on it!

What an athlete used to do in 45 mins in a very wet and uncomfortable ice bath, they can accomplish on a much deeper level in a dry cryo session in 2-3 minutes. Cryotherapy started as a treatment for people suffering from autoimmune disorders like Multiple Sclerosis or Arthritis to reduce their inflammation. Once people started seeing how effective that was they decided to use it on sports stars who needed a quick recovery from either a workout, surgery or to heal from an injury and that worked too. Just ask the NFL and the NBA...they have their own cryo chambers in their locker rooms. Now, it's become a beauty craze as well.

Here are the beauty benefits:  It stimulates blood circulation giving your skin a glow by flushing out toxins (I saw this right away), it reduces wrinkles (many places offer a cryo facial where you localize the cold to just your face, I've done it and it's amazing), cell rejuvenation, energy levels, helps with sleep, improves skin tone, and lets not bury the lead story...cryotherapy can burn up to 800 calories in 3 minutes!!!!!!!!!!!  Try that at the gym.

So yes, you are fully naked except for gloves, socks and slippers b/c your clothes would shatter like glass if you wore them.  You do feel the need to kind of jog in place which is totally fine to do. It does not hurt, but you do count down the minutes to get out. Listen, I was also counting down the minutes to get out of my house during COVID so why not reduce pain, hyper recover, burn more calories in 3 minutes than an hour at the gym and have glowing skin while I do it?

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After my first treatment here is what I experienced. I MUST have burned those calories b/c I was STARVING that afternoon. Like, I wanted a T-bone steak with three sides and no doggie bag kind of starting. At least that tells me it's working! I felt a cool and tingly energy for the rest of the day and that night I slept like a baby. After a few sessions I noticed my bad hip that I injured while running in the NYC Half Marathon felt much better. I started going in for isolated cryo-facials and I got compliments on my skin after my third treatment. They even recommend doing that on your hair line b/c the increased blood flow helps with hair loss. So, I'm a believer. I'm also a fan of accomplishing something great in three minutes.  Before you know it, it's over but the effects last all day. If you were on the fence, try it...your body will love you for it!  Just pretend you are Elsa from Frozen and the next time someone calls you an ice queen, thank them for noticing.

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