I came across a picture on Facebook earlier today of a wildlife notice saying a coyote was spotted at Wells Mills County Park in Waretown a few weeks ago.

"Wildlife Notice: 9/10/19: A coyote has been spotted in the park near the trails. Do not approach or make attempts to feed it. Please bring a noisemaker or make noise while on the trail. If you notice any animal exhibit unusual behavior, such as drooling, walking in circles or growling, please report it to staff immediately. 609-971-3085"

Facebook/John Lockhard

I decide to call the number on the sign to get an update of the situation. The person I spoke to over the phone told me that there was another coyote sighting in the park just yesterday (9/22) and for people to still keep their eyes open.

This is not a reason to panic, but definitely keep your eyes open and be aware of your surroundings when you are out enjoying this beautiful weather.

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