Do you have what it takes to stay in a coffin for 30 straight hours to win some cash?

Six Flags Great Adventure wants to know if you are up for the challenge. If so they will pay you $300 in cash, and hook you up with some other cool prizes like season passes, dinner, etc

Here's the deal:

Six coffin dwellers will be randomly chosen to spend 30 hours in a coffin, from 1 p.m. October 28 to 7 p.m. October 29.

The rules are pretty simple...Participants must stay in the coffin except for a 6-minute bathroom break per hour. Participants who step outside the coffins for any reason, with the exception of designated bathroom breaks, will be disqualified. All meals must be eaten in the coffin.

You are eligible if...

  • Must be 18 or older and have a valid photo ID
  • Cannot have any medical conditions that would make lying in a coffin for 30 hours a risk to your health or well-being
  • Must sign a waiver at check-in
  • Must be willing and able to lie comfortably in a claustrophobic-sized 2' x 7' coffin
  • Must provide your own pillow and sleeping bag or blankets
  • Coffin Dwellers must check in at Six Flags Great Adventure by 12:15 p.m. on Sunday, October 28.

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