The rough waters of the Manasquan Inlet almost turned disastrous for one jet skier Sunday.

The man was tossed from his jet ski and as the waves were pulled him toward a jetty, while the jet ski continued to drift away from him. As he continued getting tossed around the rough surf, his luck began to change. A Coast Guard crew, training in the area, was already airborne when the group noticed the empty jet ski, reported. Scanning the water, they then noticed the jet ski's former rider.

A video posted by the Coast Guard shows rescue swimmer Billy Arrison being lowered into the churning water. The rescuer grabbed the former jet skier just before he reached the rocky jetty. Grabbing onto him the Coast Guard chopper then hoisted both men from the crashing waves and carried them to a nearby beach.

"I really think that had he been in the water any longer, he'd have been at risk of getting slammed in the jetty," Chief Nick Ameen of the Coast Guard Public Affairs told "His day could have ended up a lot worse." reports that the man "was exhausted from trying to swim through the waves, but appears to have escaped major injuries." A local EMS crew transported him to an area hospital for an evaluation.

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