It's sad that we even need to have these sort of events, but there are always plenty of beach clean-ups going on around the Jersey Shore.

The Borough of Point Pleasant Beach is hosting a Clean Up event this Saturday, July 18th, starting at 9am at Little Silver Lake.

Volunteers will be working with the Dive Team to clean up the lake and its surroundings. They ask people to meet at the band shell at 9am and except to finish up by 2pm at the latest.

If you want to go help out, remember to wear your masks and work clothes, and a pair of gloves, if you prefer. For more information call 732-892-1118 ext. 245.

Usually we see the beach clean up take place on the actual beach; this is the first time I have heard of one that sets out to clean up a local lake. It's an awesome idea, because when the focus is just on the actual coast, sometimes these lakes and rivers could get overlooked.

Of course, it's still a shame that we even need to coordinate clean up events. If people would just clean up after themselves, not litter, and take some care of the environment around them, there would be no need to ask for people to volunteer their time on a weekend to clean up after those who are less considerate.

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