A couple's wedding day is usually one of the happiest memories in their entire lifetime.


Two unlucky Jersey Shore residents had a lovely wedding at Clarks Landing Yacht Club in Point Pleasant back in July of 2021...but it was two days after their big day that a problem arose.

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Before we get to this couple's problem, let me give you a quick overview of Clark's Landing Yacht Club.

I have personally been there and it is a GORGEOUS venue:

An Overview At Clark's Landing Yacht Club In Point Pleasant

Let's take an exclusive sneak peek at the venue before learning about how this couple's wedding took a turn for the worst.

Special shout out to Andy and Desiree Hanson - congrats on the nuptials by the way - who have proven to be some of the most patient people in the entire Garden State.

The duo logged onto Tiktok a few days after their 2021 wedding to find that their wedding cake had gone viral and not for the best reason.

One of the caterers of Clarks Landing Yacht Club who worked at their wedding recorded herself smothering her face and taking a huge bite of the couple's leftover cake.

She put the cherry on top of the cake -- haha, pun -- and posted it to Tiktok.

Tiktok Caption via Pennlive.com
Tiktok Caption via Pennlive.com

Her username is @justinerosegargan and she captioned the video "this is what happens to your leftover wedding cake," and it racked up over 800,000 views.

Not giving the social media generation the best reputation, I'll say that.

The couple, naturally, was pissed!

In a response Tiktok posted by the husband which has since been taken down, he reveals that he and his new wife were sent home with only a few leftover slices of the cake that they paid for.

Apparently it is tradition for the bride and groom to only take home the top tier of the cake, which they did receive.

Not only do I not agree with this rule -- you should get to take home what you paid for -- but I don't think that is the point here.

You pay thousands of dollars to have one of the caterers act like this?

Not to mention, this cake was a MASTERPIECE.

The husband described the cake as, "a chocolate chip masterpiece with buttercream frosting and a fondant nautical rope, for which they paid extra." 

His main point in the video was, "Do you really need to post that? Could you take it down since you're a 'professional?'"

He has a point...but it gets worse.

Once the newlyweds noticed this video on Tiktok back in 2021, they asked that it be taken down.

The caterer complied....only to repost it AGAIN last month. This time it garnered over 3 million views so yes, the couple spotted the same video again.

Why this woman thinks they wouldn't see it AGAIN is beyond me.

The Tiktok video -- the second one she posted that is -- has since been taken down and according to comments, she has not been fired. She was only written up.

What does Justin have to say?

“This is so petty, and there’s bigger problems in the world,” said Andy Hanson according to PennLive.com. “This is more like, this is really annoying that people would run (a business) this way, And that they never took care of the situation. No apology, no refund. No nothing.”

Is she really trying to blame Clarks Landing Yacht Club? Seriously?!

If she wasn't fired before I would bet money that she's fired now.

I'd be pissed. It is just in poor taste.

Can I ask how you would react if your wedding cake went viral a few days after the big day in the same way? Email me: Nicole.Murray@townsquaremedia.com.

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