Ever since I was a kid, I loved decorating for Christmas. Growing up, we had a lot of the traditional stuff: the giant plastic candles that went out front, a ceramic snow-covered house, that small ceramic tree that everyone seemed to have, Christmas pillows, all the usual decor.

Ever since my wife and I started living together, we've started to amass our own collection. Our tastes don't always line up, but I like to think that neither of us go completely over-the-top like this house in Colts Neck. As Gizmodo points out, the outside of the home is stunning, but things get kind of weird when you go inside.

Colts Neck Christmas House

I HAVE QUESTIONS. I have a lot of questions. I'm not even sure where to start.

I get that you may not have moved out of your house when you put up the listing, so furniture and stuff will still be out. But, why is there SO MUCH STUFF? Like, do you leave your Christmas decorations out all year round? Is this just what people see anytime they come over?

The overall look doesn't even seem to be limited to the Christmas rooms. If you look at the rest of the listing, the house manages to be massive yet claustrophobic. I would be so uncomfortable just walking around that house. There is just so much going on, I could never relax. Every room has plants, flowers, statues...even the gym is overflowing with shelves and framed pictures.

Seriously, take a moment to go through all those pictures. I keep going back and finding something new that blows my mind each time.

I pity the poor moving company that has to come in and pack everything up when the owners finally move out.

If you've got the $2,199,999 lying around, and you end up buying it, please invite me over because I'm dying to see what this house looks like without having Buddy the Elf as the interior decorator.

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