One of my favorite work outings every year is our night at FirstEnergy Park. We tend to get lucky with the weather, it's a nice casual way to hang out with coworkers, and I love baseball no matter what.

This year will be better than ever as the BlueClaws are introducing some huge improvements to their Picnic Areas.

The re-design includes turning the Third Base Picnic Area into an area designed for business and networking opportunities while the First Base Picnic Area is suited to family outings.

Both picnic areas will undergo redesigns including mesh swivel seats, new tables, and more food service options.
First Base Picnic area (
Third Base Picnic area (

The third base side will include four tiers of seating, each with a row of semi-circle tables with swivel chairs and a high-top table just behind. The first-base area will feature four tiers of seating as well, each with food rails facing the field and high-top tables just behind. Each area will also have a new private bar that is exclusively open for groups in the picnic areas.

The best part of this is the field-focused seating. One of the drawbacks of the old Picnic Areas was sitting at the square tables led to some people having their back to the field of play; now I won't have to dive across a table to keep a foul ball from knocking out Lady Di.

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