Everyone loves watching a good police chase, but it's even more exciting when the chase involves only police cars!  That happened recently when a few "junior cadets" from the LAPD outsmarted the boys in blue and managed to steal three police cruisers, along with tasers, police radios and a bulletproof vest!  And this all happened just after they graduated the cadet program!

The three cadets, aged 15, 16 and 17, figured out a way to trick the inventory system and sign out the cars and other gear.  Once it was noticed that the stuff was missing the next day, a short investigation took place and two of the cars were discovered parked side-by-side in south South Los Angeles.  After a bit of a chase, the two junior cadets who were behind the wheel were arrested and an investigation is underway.  One of the cadets also confessed to stealing a third car, which was found parked outside of another residence.

It's probably safe to assume that these cadets won't be making it to the big leagues anytime soon!

Source: Fox 6

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