When you think houses you probably think three, four, maybe five bedrooms on average. I would say the majority of homes in New Jersey are in the group there. Anything over this average would be considered a big house.


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This article is about the largest home in New Jersey and the largest according to Google is located in Burlington County. When you think of home size in New Jersey, you then think property taxes and the average property taxes, according to Google, in Burlington County is $6,861. I can assure you this home will be slightly above that average in property taxes lol



Villa Collina (Photo Credit: Google Maps/Townsquare Media)
Villa Collina (Photo Credit: Google Maps/Townsquare Media)



Our largest home in New Jersey is located in Moorestown, Burlington County. It's called Villa Collina, which means Hill House. This home is a mere 46,000 square feet, so let's call this a mansion. Villa Collina sits on about 50 acres of property. The Hill House is owned by Vernon Hill II, the founder of Commerce Bank.

Surprising to me is that the mansion only has 6 bedrooms, but it does have a lot of extras like a 4,000-square-foot gym, library, mini theater, indoor pool, greenhouse, 5,000-bottle wine cellar, hair salon, billiards room, not one but three kitchens and more.

In addition there are cascading waterfalls, reflecting pools, 11 bathrooms, and 94 doors. That's lotta wreaths at the holidays.

So as you can see although only a half dozen bedrooms, lots of other rooms to enjoy.

So now you know about Jersey's biggest residential home, a lot of home for sure.




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