Five Below is a great place to swing past with Baby Varacchi, because I know I can get some cutesy junk that will entertain her for a while for just a couple bucks. Now, a big change has hit the stores when it comes to how much you'll expect to pay - not everything in the store will be BELOW FIVE.

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There are 42(!) Five Below locations across New Jersey, including Brick, Howell, Manahawkin, and Toms River. Since I moved to Barnegat, the location in the Stafford Park Shopping Center has been a nice stop for Baby Varacchi in between shopping at CostCo.

Really, the change isn't going to impact me, because the only items going over $5 are the "tech" items, and honestly I'm not buying tech gear at Five Below anyway. If the Bluetooth speaker or iPhone charging cable I'm buying only cost $8, I'm not expecting it to last very long, so it's more of a "need a replacement right now" sort of thing.

I'm sure some people will be grumpy while they do some holiday shopping, but just check the price tag before you toss things in your cart, and you'll be fine.


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