There are few things New Jersey is more passionate about than pizza.

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Some things are up for debate; is it pork roll or Taylor ham, go to Wawa or Quick Check, Is there a Central New Jersey or Not?

By the way, the correct answers to the above; pork roll, wawa, and yes there is a Central New Jersey.

Photo by Christian Lambert on Unsplash
Photo by Christian Lambert on Unsplash

Any way, I digress.

One thing we can all agree on though is that New Jersey has the best pizza you can find.

I was skeptical when I first moved here, I mean I had just visited Chicago and tried their famous deep dish a few months prior.

Sorry Chicago, but it wasn't much of a competition.

Don't get me wrong, deep dish is good but there's something about the pizza from New Jersey that is just better.

Maybe it's the size of some of the pies like the ones you can get at Marathon Steak and Potato Company on the Seaside Heights boardwalk or due to the coal fired cooking style of a place like Zoni's.

Either way, Jersey's pizza comes second place to no one.

So when I see that reported a well known, and popular local pizza parlor is getting ready to shutter its doors it makes my heart weak.

The shop in question by the way was ranked 21 out of 99 according to an poll.

In addition, they absolutely load their pizza pies up with the toppings, which could explain their popularity!

So What Well Know, And Beloved NJ Pizzeria Is Closing Its Doors?

Tavolino's Pizza in Wallington New Jersey is getting ready to close their doors according to a post on their Instagram page.

My mouth started to water by the way, looking through all of their posts.


Here's the good news I guess; If you're a Tavolino's fan they'll remain open until September 3rd, so now you know what you're eating the rest of the week!

Or if you're like me, it means you have just about three days to make the trip out to Wallington to try a legendary slice.

I've noticed an uptick in businesses closing recently in the Garden State. It's just a reminder of the importance to continue to shop, and eat local here in New Jersey.

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