We are so lucky to live in Jersey and have access to some seriously amazing beaches.

Whether you're more of a "sit and relax on the bay" type of person or a "stretch out near the ocean and tan" kind of person, Jersey has a beach for you.

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In fact, I'd go as far as to say that Jersey has some of the best beaches on the East Coast.

What really makes Jersey beaches special isn't just the sand or the waves, but the towns that go along with each beach.

Each beach town has its own unique quirks, shops, history, and architecture that make them one of a kind.

Photo by rod m on Unsplash
Photo by rod m on Unsplash

When I was a kid my family would always spend time in Sea Isle City.

It'll always hold a special place for me just because it was the first Jersey beach town I knew.

Of course, we've got Point Pleasant, Lavalette, Margate, Ocean City, Brick Beach, Asbury Park, and the list really can go on and on.

However, one shore town in Jersey was recently ranked among one of the absolute best in the entire country.

It's said that if you were to visit only one New Jersey beach in your entire life that this is the place to go.

What New Jersey Beach Was Ranked Among The Best In The Country?

It's a place that's well known for its small-town feel and family-friendly atmosphere.

I enjoy this place for its paranormal history as well as for its fantastic shops and restaurants, and of course, because of the beautiful beach.

According to Only In Your State, this town is known for its Victorian architecture and is called America's Original Seaside Resort Town.

Photo by Dan Mall on Unsplash
Photo by Dan Mall on Unsplash

Congrats to Cape May New Jersey for making the list of top 25 Beaches in the United States!

By the way, when you plan your trip, remember to get your beach badge!

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