The drinks are cheap, the lighting is usually pretty dim, and during the holidays odds are the bartenders have a crock pot going behind the bar.

It's a dive bar, what else would you expect?

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And if you had to decide what Jersey's best dive bar is, would you be able to confidentially answer?

I love a good dive bar; everyone knows each other, and the pool tables are always open, it's a little dingy but that's all part of the charm.

My favorite dive since moving to Jersey is Rigger's in Seaside Heights. Partly because it's a block and a half from my apartment, and partly because they bartender's and other patrons usually have their dogs with them.

But I'm still pretty new to Jersey, so I figured I'd ask the experts who follow the 105.7 The Hawk Facebook Page, and the results were overwhelming.

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Photo Credit: 105.7 The Hawk Facebook Page

Places like the Anchor Inn in Ocean Gate made the list, Broadway Bar And Grill, The Thirsty Piney, and The Globe in Red Bank were pretty popular answers.

There was one bar though that had a commanding lead over any others; The Arrowhead Inn.

Locals clearly love this place, and you can see why; reasonably priced drinks, live music, and honestly their Facebook Page is really fun to follow.

Arrowhead Inn, Dive Bars In New Jersey, Best Dive Bars In NJ
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The other day I told you about the Hud, which was called the best dive bar in NJ by travel experts.

You can read more on that here, and although the Hud made the list a few times it's clear that the Arrowhead Inn is a favorite.

These are all of the top dive bars in Jersey though, according to locals.

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