Earlier this year, Bed Bath & Beyond announced they would be closing about 200 stores nationwide. There were plenty of rumors about which locations would be shutting down, and now we have confirmation that THREE stores in New Jersey were on the list, including the location in Toms River.

A real estate listing popped up saying the property would be empty by January, with a new tenant being able to move in after that. The building is about 34,000 square feet, and could be expanded 11,000 square feet.

If you still have a stack of those coupons you get in the mail, don't worry. According to Ocean County Scanner News, the Bed Bath & Beyond location in Brick has undergone a big renovation, so it seems unlikely that the company would close that store after investing so much in it.

It will be interesting to see what takes over the location. The plaza is right across the street from the Ocean County Mall, and we've seen plenty of renovations going on there as it tries to adapt to the more modern way of shopping. No one goes to malls, no one goes to big plazas, no one likes to shop in person. As Amazon becomes the preferred method of buying pretty much anything, malls are trying to become social destinations rather than just retail ones. Instead of just another big box store, maybe we'll see something along the lines of iPlay America or another indoor theme park sort of thing.

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Thanks to Vin Ebenau and Dan Alexander of TSM News for the heads up!

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