It was. a very long winter.  Bombarded with snow, massive snowstorm at the shore, and multiple occasions where snow was actually on the beach.

I think we were all a little ready for the heat but too high, too soon?

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We haven’t even made it to the first day of the unofficial start to summer and we’re already feeling the heat.  

We are one week away from the Memorial Day weekend.  The time when our fantastic Jersey Shore comes alive.  

Listen, as much as we may get annoyed with the traffic, out of visitors, and some disruptions locals have to deal with, there is something about this area coming alive.  

Today the Jersey Shore got its first real taste of summer.  In some locations, we saw some highs in the mid-90s and heat indexes as high as 100 degrees according to the national weather service.

Kyle Anthony, Townsquare Media
Kyle Anthony, Townsquare Media

We couldn't believe how many people were already taking advantage of the beach today.

Living out near Lavallette, this little beach town comes alive during the summer, that's a fact everyone knows, and 35, both sides are jammed.

It kind of felt like that today.

Heading towards Point, there was some congestion, but everyone driving 35 southbound from the Point area (or even the parkway) was just a sea of cars.

The more inland you were, the more you felt the heat, and as you know, this will not be the only time this year your feel the warmth like this.

So what do you do?

There are plenty of ways to stay cool during the summer months around the Jersey Shore.

Some are pretty obvious, but others aren't.

Best Ways to Stay Cool This Summer at the Jersey Shore

Stay cool during the high heat this summer, at the Jersey Shore

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