If you were walking along the beach at LBI and spotted a beached sea turtle, your first instinct would probably be to shove the poor thing back into the water. The Marine Mammal Stranding Center is urging people to not do that however, and instead immediately call them.

The cold temperatures in the Atlantic slows the metabolism of the turtles, to were the can become "cold-stunned" and practically immobile. If they wash up on the shore, well-meaning onlookers can actually do more damage if they try to just push the animal back into the water. Even attempting to warm up the turtles improperly could cause them to go into shock and die.

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The MMSC is asking for help from beach-goers to spot stranded turtles. They suggest looking along the line of seaweed that is left behind by the tide, and if you do see a turtle, call them right away at 609-266-0538.

[via WHYY]

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