A little while ago we told you about the parking system coming to Asbury Park - rather than pay by spot number, you would instead enter your license plate number.

The town has completed the installation of the new machines, so the next time you head to Asbury Park, here's what you need to know:

Three parking zones have been established

Downtown Zone: the area where Cookman and Lake Avenues run parallel to each other and the 100 block streets in between.
Waterfront Zone: the area between Ocean Avenue and Kingsley Street and the 100 block streets in between.
Central Zone: all metered parking areas west of Kingsley Street and north of Cookman Avenue.

You can pay for parking using the meters or an app

The parking app is named Asbury PARK (get it?) and allows you to pay for parking using your credit card. You can even extend your stay remotely.

asbury parking app

You can move your car to a different space within the same parking zone without paying more money

Your "paid for" time can carry over as long as it is within the same parking zone. If you're heading from "Downtown" to "Waterfront" you'll have to pay again, but if you just want to move your car from The Watermark to Convention Hall, you won't have to.

Parking enforcement uses license plate scanners

Make sure you enter your license plate correctly, because an error is a quick path to a parking ticket.


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