I live in Lakewood, and the Hawk studio is located in downtown Toms River. It's pretty much a straight shot down New Hampshire, across 37, onto Main Street for my commute. It's one of the worst intersections in Ocean County on a good day. However, for the past however many months, I've been stuck in delays, alternate routes, or just saying "forget it, I'll take the parkway" rather than sit and wait forever. The worst part? NOTHING IS GETTING BETTER. The roads still look like a warzone, with giant craters everywhere, entire lanes blocked off by cones, it's just a total mess.

The Toms River BID sent out a press release, urging local residents, business owners, and commuters to make our voices heard and demand this construction be finished soon.

Senator James W. Holzapfel
(732) 840-9028

Assemblyman Gregory P. McGuckin
(732) 840-9028

Assemblyman David W. Wolfe
(732) 840-9028

Governor Phil Murphy
(609) 292-6000

DOT Community Constituent Relations
(609) 530 2110

Route 37 Route 166

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