We have a lot of pests that we encounter every day here at the Jersey Shore, some of them are animals, some are insects, some are bosses, some are drivers, and unfortunately some are rodents. So which pesky pest is the peskiest and most prevalent of all?

My first guess was mosquitoes, such a huge Jersey Shore pest and probably the state bird, but apparently not pesky enough to be the top pest in a state full of them. So what's your next guess?

it's gotta be the drivers then right? Actually no. And after you hear what it the peskiest pest of them all in the Garden State, you're going to wish it was the bad drivers. It turns out the top New Jersey pest is the good old mouse.

Ryan Stone, Unsplash

According to Family Handyman, New Jersey is among 18 states where the most annoying and damage causing pests are those little sneaky mice we've all had to deal with at one time or another.

The Deer Mouse, the House Mouse and the White Footed Mouse are among the types you're most likely to see here in the Garden State. The Deer and House mouse each can be as big as 3 inches long. Yuck.

Before you put the For Sale sign up, at least we're not Idaho,Utah, Washington or Wyoming, where their top critter is the spider. Or Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Louisiana or Texas where cockroaches dominate the scene.

Unsplash, Erik Karits

And by the way, 20 states have to deal with bed bugs as their most annoying pests, so people of the Garden state count your blessings!

Unsplash J Shim

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