About a month ago we shared artwork from Paola Lomuscio, a Hawk fan from Italy.

Apparently we have a huge following in Italy, because we got another message with more artwork featuring Bruce Springsteen!

Denise Esposito wrote to us and included this picture

Hey there! I made this painting after coming back home from the two Bruce Springsteen's concerts in Milan - Italy. Just one week later, I had the chance to dance with him and the E Street Band during Dancing in the Dark in Rome! (Still can't believe it) This portrait of The River gives me many emotions and great memories of this tour every time I look at it! Hope you like it! Greetings from Italy 😀


Denise also has some great pix from a Springsteen concert in Milan!

Denise has a website, Instagram, and Tumblr you can check out.

Grazie mille, Denise!

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