A couple of weeks ago, I realized I needed to lose  a little weight. Looking in the mirror at my gut has been bothering me lately.  I'm guessing the combination of too many beers + winter + Boss of the Sauce has been the culprit.

I decided to do something about it. Well sort of.

Click here to read about the week 1 weigh in.

So how did I do considering I am only 70% motivated to lose some weight?

I HAVE LOST 2.2 lbs! Woo woo!

I don't know exactly how it has happened because I had one very undisciplined day. Click here to read about that. it could be that just watching the calories ACTUALLY works or being sick for 4 days works better.

Whatever the case may be, it feels good to know that I lost a few pounds, and it's a good motivation to keep it going.

Are you trying to lose some weight? Are you losing weight with me? What methods are you using? Comment below please