You may have seen this video going around Facebook. An adorable little girl is visiting her newborn sister in the hospital, and when someone tries to take the baby away, the big sis refuses to give her up.

The video has been seen millions of times, but did you know there is a connection to the Garden State?

I actually used to work with the mom, years ago when we were both at FirstEnergy Park. I worked in the First Base Concessions Stand, and she worked for the ice cream vendor.

She and her husband had their first daughter, Henley, about two years ago, and she just gave birth to their second, Peyton, a week ago. When my friend's family took the video, they shared it to Ellen DeGeneres' Facebook and it ended up on and got millions of views. The video has been picked up by other outlets too, even to the UK's DailyMail.

It's awesome to see someone from our area gain some internet fame, and even cooler when I know them personally. Keep your cameras rolling, you may be the next viral star!

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