As the A to Z Anthology rolls on, I think it's time we spotlight one of the female artists in the Hawk library.

Here's some "Fun facts" and music video of "Promises in The Dark"  by Pat Benatar. Enjoy!

  • Benatar wrote this song with her guitarist and future husband Neil Giraldo. The song deals with trials and tribulations of past relationships and how they affect the one you're in now. Haven't we all had to tend the emotional scars left behind from whoever got there first? In the case of Giraldo and Benatar, things worked out quite well: they got married in a cow pasture in Maui in 1982, and have been married ever since. They've also continued their musical partnership as well, with Giraldo producing all of Benatar's next albums.
  • Giraldo and Benatar wrote this song on a plane during a tour. Benatar was still shy about her lyrics so instead of singing them to Giraldo, she slipped them under his door in the middle of the night.
  • Precious Time cracked the #1 spot on the album charts for a week, and helped establish Benatar as an '80s icon. A former bank clerk and singing waitress, she was a classically trained singer who could rock the spandex and big jewelry, making her an MTV favorite as well as a mainstay on Pop radio.
  • Hinting at the personal nature of this song, Benatar told Songwriter Connection magazine in 1984: "Sometimes I really hate singing in the first person - it's so personal sometimes... I do mostly observational lyric but if it's directly from something that happened, I can't stand to sing it in first person. I'd rather sing it as we or they or you, or something else."


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