"Parrot Heads", This one is for you today! Fins to the left!!!!


  • Buffett: "I was in a bar up near Daytona Beach and saw a group of guys crowded around some girls who were obviously in town for a beauty contest of some sort. I sat back and listened to their conversation and took notes. For a moment I pictured that these guys had fins coming out of their backs as they hit on the girls. It was a pure feeding frenzy, and I scribbled down pieces of their conversation and wrote the song. Now it seems the 'land shark' population has increased tremendously."
  • This song has its own dance - sort of. When Buffett plays this, audience members put their hands together above their heads (same as the "A" in the Village People's "YMCA" dance) and move their "Fins to the left" and "Fins to the right." Many audience members have enjoyed some island cocktails by this point.


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Jimmy Buffet- Fins

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