It has definitely NOT been the start Rangers fans were hoping for.

It looked great at the very beginning of the season. The NY Rangers started the season 2-0, and Rangers fans were feeling pretty good.

We were thinking that the off-season moves the Rangers made were the right ones and the rebuilding is heading in the right direction.

Then with a wacky schedule, the Rangers found themselves with the next SEVEN days off.  Seven days off after only the second game of the season?? Why?? Who knows.

So...after a week of no New York Rangers hockey, the Rangers returned and have now lost their last 6 out of 7 games.

I know it's early, and it's no time to panic, but they better get their s*^t together quick if they want to be a playoff-contending team.

They need to find more offense, and they DEFINITELY need better goaltending.

Like I said, it's still early, but I have no more baseball and the Chicago Bears are stinking it up, so I really need the Rangers to turn things around to give me something to enjoy during the long winter.

How about we get things going tonight as the Rangers take on the Tampa Bay Lightning at the Garden?

One more thing... Let's Go Rangers!!

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