The Thanksgiving Day Parade is over, the football games haven't kicked off yet and you're trying to make room in your stomach for all the great food you're going to consume later on. You need to some great songs to energize you and get you in the right frame of mind to celebrate Thanksgiving. The Saturday Night Slaughterhouse has created the perfect playlist for you to pop into your ears as the soundtrack to your turkey day.

In no particular order, here are some great songs that should be on your Thanksgiving Day playlist.

Adam Sandler - 'The Thanksgiving Song'

Twisted Sister -  'Stay Hungry'

Dio - 'Hungry for Heaven'

AC/DC - 'Love Hungry Man'

ZZ Top- 'I Thank You'

Lita Ford - 'Hungry'

Y&T - 'Hungry for Rock'

Deep Purple - 'Hungry Daze'

White Lion - 'Hungry'

Saxon - 'Hungry Years'

Bruce Springsteen - 'Hungry Heart'

Bon Jovi - 'Thank You For Loving Me'

Kiss - 'Eat Your Heart Out'

Anthrax - 'Indians'

Iron Maiden - 'Coming Home'

Led Zeppelin - 'Thank You'

Do you have any favorite songs for Thanksgiving that you think should be added to this playlist? Add them to the list by commenting below.

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