A guy in Texas is selling his 1997 Jeep Wrangler for $6500.

I remember my Jeep Wrangler. It was so much fun. Nothing like driving around with the doors off and the top down. One of the greatest feeling in the world!!!!! I Could not wait for summer time, plus it kicked serious ass during blizzards in the winter.

Now most car ads basically just tell how many miles are on the vehicle. What options it has. etc

This guy goes into a little more detail. He writes:

This baby’s pulse is pumping 4.0 liters of uncensored raw fuel through her straight six nuclear power plant. It has A/C but are you kidding me….Really! If you want to blow the sweat off your brow, you do it the old fashioned way: doors off, top down.


He also writes

If you buy this jeep you better go get your old lady ready for some damn changes around your lair, cause this s** will be happening. What will be Happening? Glad you asked…

Click here to read more and to find out what will happen....It's hysterical

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