It is important that we never lose our fire in life. We have no idea how long our lives will be, so we have to make sure that we live life to the fullest. We don't all succeed at this mantra, but 96 year old Fern Schurr does for sure. Last week she married a 83 year old man!! Fern you COUGAR, running around with a younger man.It is the circle of life, 1 cougar couple gets divorced (Ashton and Demi) and another gets together. While I don't see a lot of value in a person getting married at age 96 at least she was wise enough to find a man who could keep up with her! I can only imagine how the man proposed. When he asked her to spend the rest of their lives together did he mean 2 months? I hope they didn't spend a lot of money on the wedding. That isn't smart economics. The odds of getting a return on that investment is 10,000,000 to 1.

Who was she trying to fool wearing white in the wedding? She is 96 years old, nobody expects her to be pure. Plus, how else does a woman her age get a spry 83 year old who still has his drivers license? I can tell you it wasn't because of her award winning apple pie. People have suggested to me he married her for the life insurance money. I hope that isn't true. He won't live long enough to enjoy the money. Seriously, I applaud them for finding love at an advanced age but I really wonder if marriage was the right way to go. At what age would you say you are too old to get married?

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