The Stone Pony in Asbury Park is looking to help those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic by creating a special Stone Pony t-shirt where proceeds will go to the "New Jersey Pandemic Relief Fund".

They asked the public and local artists to design a special Stone Pony "Hope By Design" t-shirt using their iconic logo.

They received over 400 amazing entries, which was then narrowed down to thirty awesome designs for you to go vote on. Click HERE to vote on your favorite design for their new t-shirt. There are some really great designs to choose from.

The winner’s design will be chosen to be brought to life as a real piece of Stone Pony merchandise, available to fans worldwide! Proceeds from sales of the winning design will be donated to New Jersey Pandemic Relief Fund in the winner’s name. The winner also receives a $500 prize!

Now I have to be 100% honest... a friend of mine submitted a design for this contest and he really wants to win!

I am not saying that you HAVE to vote for his design. I can't make you do anything. You can do anything you want.

But, I would really appreciate it if you can show by buddy some love, and please vote for the design he created.

His name is Anthony Gualano and he's a very talented artist. Here is his design:

Stone Pony Hope By Design
Anthony Gualano/Stone Pony Hope By Design

Once again, please vote for him, and thank you!

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