Since most beaches are not taking cash to purchase beach badges, and a lot of beaches are understaffed, many beach towns have gone the way of the app to sell beach badges and other things this summer.

The app is called Viply, and I just downloaded it to my phone. It's actually pretty cool. You can purchase all sorts of things on the app...Beach badges, Monmouth County Fair tickets (if it was happening), entry to 5k races, and so much more.

Pretty simple...All you need is the app and your phone

Seaside Heights officials are also aware that some people are still "old-school", and would rather use cash for certain things then give their credit card information to an app they never really heard of.

Seaside Heights officials are considering letting shops on the boardwalk to sell beach badges as well, where customers can pay with cash.

According to Shorebeat:

Responding to some complaints about a lack of a cash system, the borough may partner with boardwalk businesses to be the point of purchase for badge sales. The businesses will buy badges in bulk and will post signs stating that badges can be purchased inside. Officials say it’s a way to draw customers into boardwalk stores that are willing to accept cash while also saving the town the expense of hiring employees to handle cash and act as cashiers.

Stores will not make a profit from the sale of beach badges.

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