So I was recently driving to an appointment in Toms River and I noticed right by Garfield Avenue on Route 27 there was new construction going up and the frame was almost finished.

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This immediately caught my eye and I had to snap a few photos because this is a very visible location along Route 37 in Toms River.


Shawn Michaels
Shawn Michaels



Of course, whenever I see things happening locally I want to talk about it with you at home and see how you feel. New construction in Toms River isn't a new thing, but I think everyone is a little curious when we see new developments in our towns. So once I spotted this work I knew I wanted to share it with you.

I asked you if you have any definitive information about this project and you responded.

  • Carole: ???
  • Daniel: Probably another liquor store
  • Nancy: Yes the Bandwagon! The plans look gorgeous
  • Linda: New Bandwagon, good food for years, the same family also, great people
  • Deb: The new Bandwagon!! I’m so excited !!
  • Joseph: Bandwagon dinner they are rebuilding
  • John: The New Bandwagon
  • Evelyn: Store
  • Joe: the Bandwagon


Well as we can see the popular answer is the new building for the famous Bandwagon Restaurant. The Toms River eatery is in the process of a complete rebuild and folks seem very happy to see the digs are coming along and hopefully back for breakfast very shortly.

What was your favorite dish at the Bandwagon? Let us know below and share your favorite dishes as we get excited for the "new" Bandwagon here in Toms River.


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