During a recent trip through Bayville, I once again noticed a location that I feel has sat untouched for quite some time now along Route 9 in Berkeley Township.

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It would appear from the signage that's still standing that there was a type of workout place or gym at this spot, but now it sits kinda empty.

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Shawn Michaels


Let me first say that this location is, for the most part, cleaned up except for the old signage, and maybe the thought is that this could be re-designed and used again...and I also realize it's money involved.

Someone obviously owns this property and it is easy to say "put a park there" but again if it's a money issue it may not be that easy for the owners. Speaking of a park, what about a dog park? is there a dog park in Bayville? the township would probably have to purchase the land to do that or the county...but that might be a cool "green" thing for Bayville?

If you live in this area of Berkeley Township do you remember what was there previously? and also what would YOU possibly like to see at this location? by the way, if you just prefer "nothing" for this location that's perfectly fine too.

Post your comments below and let us know what you think :)


Shawn Michaels


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