In a story that's too outrageous not to be true, a freak occurrence led to a breast cancer survivor losing a breast implant during a common exercise routine. 

During a Pilates stretch, a 59-year old woman's body "swallowed" her right breast implant. The woman was a breast cancer survivor who had undergone a mastectomy, and later underwent surgery for breast implants. The routine called for a breathing technique which calls for the person to take a deep breath and hold it while bearing down. Unfortunately for this woman, the routine put enough pressure on her chest cavity to send the implant through the tissue between her ribs and lungs.

Luckily, she didn't experience any pain or discomfort. She apparently was more confused than anything throughout the ordeal. The woman was treated at Johns Hopkins, where surgeons retrieved the implant from within her chest and put it back where it belonged.

The moral of the story: Take it easy during the Pilates, ladies.

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