Growing up, the only thing I knew about Jackson was that Great Adventure was there. In terms of notable people from Jackson...I'm pretty sure the lady who had a tiger in backyard was from there. Not 100% sure, not going to fact check. If she was, she's also the hottest woman I've ever known from Jackson, and I've never even seen her. But all that changed today. Meet Gianna Pica.

This 19-year-old knockout is from the wonderful town of Jackson, which now is notorious for being the Shore town with the most Maxim caliber models.

She's been modeling since she was 14, so even though she's still a teenager, she's got veteran level experience. When Maxim, one of her dream gigs, came a'calling, she didn't hesitate. The camera crew came right here to Sandy Hook Beach and promptly all combusted due to the red-hot-ness of the photo shoot.

She and her mom are, of course, big 105.7 the Hawk fans. She didn't mention if it was for the classic rock or the ruggedly handsome Update Guy/Weekend Specialty host, but we can assume.

And before you say that modeling is just about being hot, this hard-working gal commutes by bus to NYC for jobs. She even has to sit in the handicap seat...because her legs are too long. So we can reasonably assume that she's not only the hottest girl in Jackson, but the hottest girl on a bus at any point anywhere in the contiguous United States.

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